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Chinook Booter Jam
Thanks to Mother Nature’s generous amount of snow in Spring and cooler temperatures, the snow pack on Chinook Pass is still going strong. 



Northwest Freeride supports riders competing in the IFSA Junior Freeride competition series.  This support entails the following:

  • Coaches travel to 5 regional and 4 national competitions each season.  They work with athletes to make sure they are mentally and physically ready to compete.  They evaluate venues together, check gear, assist with line selection, assess conditions, and guide competitors through all aspects of the event including inspection day, qualifiers, and the competition itself.  Follow this link to our travel schedule. 

  • Alpental Freeride allows riders to receive more in-depth coaching and training in preparation for upcoming events.  Learn more.

  • Spring, Summer, and Fall training and riding opportunties (i.e. Chinook Pass, Mt. Hood, trampoline and strength training).


Our goal is to work with kids to increase their performance and overall knowledge of technique and safety in sports including skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and mountaineering.


Freeride provides educational services and opportunities to youth for adventure through alternative sports.

We engage high quality coaches and experts to work with kids who have a passion for sports to take them  to the next level. We also support althletes who have progressed to competing at the national and international level in events sanctioned by various established organizing bodies.


Ultimately, Northwest Freeride connects talented young athletes with the opportunity to achieve their dreams. We are seasoned, successful athletes with profeessional portfolios and industry connections and a passion to see our sports progress through the development of the next generation of athletes.


Please request a quote from Wayne Grevey.

Event Waiver

Participation in any of our events requires signing and turning in this waiver.  Please download and complete.

To Be Posted Soon


Surfing at Westport

Surf Sessions happen on occasion if the interested is there.

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Photography by Paul Mosley

Putting the "free" in freeride!

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